age                 28 

height      1,63


measurements   32 | 25 | 34 

...Let's meet 

     Growing up in a small town from somewhere in the middle of Italy, I fell in love with the wider world which led me to


London, Los Angeles and to the international life that I am having right now.  Hot and passionate, the pleasure of


discovering new intimate moments is almost a need. Being on the creative side (model and photographer), I love the


spontaneity of life. I bealive that if you let go and are open, you can connect to people in a special way... And when


there is that connection, anything can happen... Kisses, touches, wispers, we will be lovers...We will talk and have


fun as if we know eachother for a life time, I will not stop until I know about your secret desires and until I will not tell you


all about mine... Tenderness... Everybody has the right to pleasure and to feel loved. Hours will pass by like minutes and


it will all feel like a beautiful dream...  After our meeting you will feel full of energy, I am all a smart guy needs. 


Fone/ Whatapp +61484707941